Ma grand-mère zircon_ring

Ma grand-mère zircon_ring

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상품명 Ma grand-mère zircon_ring
PRICE ₩468,000


Getting weaker day by day, my sweetest grandmother is 85. It’s not sudden to realize, yet she now has to take breaks when walking.  To cope with this better, I try to spend time wisely. For days that I can’t visit least we speak on the phone so I can fill up my memory bank. I love hearing her history. Getting to know the woman, not just the grandmother. She experienced Korean war, away from everything she was ever going to be, away from her brothers and family. She eventually made it through eventually and it became a life path for the next generation. 

“Ma grand-mère ring” was designed having the rich source of her. Throughout the whole design process I was thinking of her every minute, the most important women in life. This could be you, that resembles you. A devotion.

-Material: 14k gold

-Gem stone: Natural zircon

-Size: Stone 7.0*5.5mm


-Kindly be aware that all pieces are crafted by hand and one-of-a-kind, and may therefore vary slightly in size, shape and color.
-Change in gold prices may vary depending on local market conditions. 

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14k gold

ring size

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